To ensure the quality result you demand, certain preliminary steps must be followed.

Pre-embellishment tips

  • Don't reverse out background around foiled images.
  • Machine lays must be compatible with foiling press.
  • There must be an image free margin to the edge of the sheet.
  • Inks must be dry.
  • Excessive anti set off spray powder will detract from the final result.
  • To ensure print and foil registration, don't trim off lay edge.
  • Coatings such as varnishes, UV's and laminates can affect the final result.
  • With gloss laminating, foil should be applied first.
  • With matt laminating, foil and embossing is applied after.
  • All lay edges should be carefully marked.

Artwork and film tips

  • Artwork should be supplied as separated bromides.
  • Foiling - Wrong reading negative emulsion down.
  • Embossing - Right reading positive emulsion up.

Grip and side lays for registration

When registration is required platen lays must be used for sheet sizes up to A3. A2 sheet size and larger requires near side lay. See diagrams below.